We at Growth Exponential believe that every nonprofit should have the tools, resources, and people easily accessible to grow

and thrive.


We are a Research and Design (R&D) Lab lead by seasoned and active nonprofit professionals, software developers, and entrepreneurs.

We are developing, testing, sourcing, and advancing simple technologies, methodologies, and tools that will help your 

non-profit focus on your mission rather than the mundane.

The Growth Exponential team is lead by Dr. Bradley Caro Cook, Ed.D. you can reach Dr. Cook at Bradley@GrowthExponential.org or 

phone 917.767.2479

Our Podcast showcases some of the top

Non-profit Executive Directors. If you are

 an Executive Director of a nonprofit? If so, you can be a guest on our Growth Exponential podcast which

will bring exposure to your mission. 

My new book is a manual to help you grow your Non-profit in short amount of time and for little money. 'Growth Hacking Secrets for Nonprofits' provide simple tools and resources to increase your lay leader engagement. 
Want to learn even more about growth hacking, then you can take our Master Class free web classes for nonprofit professionals. You can access our web class on recruiting lay leaders, pro-bono volunteers, and board members.
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